Best Occupational Therapy Goals For Your Child

Occupational therapy helps children with autism succeed in everyday tasks. At its core, occupational therapy assists with processing and understanding their environment and others around them. A variety of activities improve their motor skills, communication, sensory processing and learning skills. Here are some of the most common and beneficial occupational therapy goals.

Eating On Their Own

Does your child struggle with feeding themselves? This is one of the most frequent occupational therapy goals. Some children lack the motor skills to get their food off the plate and onto their utensils. Others may get overwhelmed by the sequence of actions. Occupational therapy helps improve their focus and motor skills to eat on their own with no problem.

Focusing In School

One of the best occupational therapy goals is developing learning skills necessary for school. It’s common for children with autism to have difficulty staying on task, especially in a learning environment. Occupational therapy helps them process information more efficiently to thrive in academic settings.


It’s crucial for children to learn how to play with others. If your child has a hard time relating to other kids, social skills are one of the best occupational therapy goals. An occupational therapist helps develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills so they can socialize with others in healthy ways. 


One of the most common occupational therapy goals is personal hygiene and grooming. An occupational therapist will help them develop healthy habits and routines such as hand washing and brushing their teeth.

Functional Movement

It’s vital for children to be able to move with control in everyday life. Functional movement helps them socialize, avoid injuries, and have a happier, more fun experience overall in environments such as recess. Occupational therapy uses sensory and playful activities to break down movements in easily understandable steps so they can develop fine motor skills.

Helping Your Child Thrive

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