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Are you a BCBA looking for CEU credits? Maintain your certification and stay up-to-date with the latest research and practices. Our podcast Blossoming Together provides FREE Continuing Education Credits to help you enhance your learning in the field of ABA. Make sure to complete the quiz in our next section after watching our podcast to get your CEU.

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  • Reflecting on personal experiences as new parents, Yousra and Kirsten share candid insights, including moments of ‘giving in’ and navigating unexpected challenges. They discuss the barriers affecting their clients’ families, from managing multiple responsibilities to the inherent human factor.

  • Discover systematic strategies to tackle toilet training hurdles, learn to collaborate with various disciplines for comprehensive support, and consider crucial medical factors before diving into the toileting process. From prerequisites to interdisciplinary insights, we’ve got you covered.

  • Get to know Yousra and Kirsten’s journey, from their early days as BCBAs to navigating practicum challenges, including the unexpected twists brought by the Covid era. We will be covering everything from building effective relationships with behavior technicians to maintaining professional boundaries and everything in-between!

  • Let’s explore the intricate world of gestalt language processing (GLP) and how collaboration between Behavior Analysts and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) is essential for effective intervention. We have our special guest Morgan, who is a seasoned Pediatric SLP with a passion for GLP. With three years of experience and NLA certification in hand, Morgan brings invaluable insight into the realm of speech therapy.

  • This week’s episode discusses the intricacies of social stories from Canva to PowerPoint, discover how digital platforms offer flexibility in crafting personalized social stories. Kirsten discusses the importance of engaging tools and the challenges encountered in the process.

  • Ready to use the VB-MAPP in a naturalistic environment? What exactly does this mean? Join us as Yousra and Kirsten explore the VB-MAPP, give examples of personalized goals, and understanding assessments.

  • Are you a new BCBA? Or are you looking for a relatable ABA community? Come along with us as Kirsten and Yousra share their own missteps and interview experts at Blossom Children’s Center about theirs (you might want to watch this episode to feel fully immersed in the fun).

Episode 09: How to Effectively Implement Supervision Strategies | FREE ABA CEU

  • Join Yousra, Kirsten, and special guest, BCBA Jenny as they dive deep into the world of effective supervision as a BCBA. Whether you’re a seasoned BCBA or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights and strategies to enhance your supervisory skills and improve team performance.

Episode 10: Breaking Barriers in ABA: Elevating Practicum Experiences | FREE ABA CEU

  • EPISODE 10 GIVEAWAY! We’re doing a giveaway to celebrate our 10th episode! To tie in the episode of elevating practicum experiences, we’re giving away TWO 5th Edition Pass the Big ABA Exam Study Manuals (Current Version 2.2).

    Here’s how you can enter for your chance to win one of the manuals*:

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    *For official rules & regulations, please reference Episode 10 on our Youtube channel.

  • Join Kirsten, and special guests, Regional Fieldwork Supervisor and RBT Requirements Coordinator: Kosai and Clinical Director: Taylor as they explore the world of effective supervision as a BCBA. Gain insights into building effective practicum programs in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We’ll tackle the challenges ABA agencies face and discuss strategies to improve practicum quality and coherence.

Episode 11: Building Trust: How BCBAs Can Best Support Caregivers | FREE ABA CEU

  • Get ready for an enlightening CEU episode with hosts Kirsten and Yousra featuring special guest Abby Niemeier, MA, BCBA, LBA, owner of Tagalong Behavior Consulting. Abby shares realistic strategies for BCBAs to enhance their parent training and education techniques.
    Don’t miss out on practical insights and expert advice that can transform your approach to parent collaboration!

Episode 12: Building Trust: Navigating Parent Intake Interviews in ABA | FREE ABA CEU

  • Come along with our hosts Kirsten and Yousra to learn how to navigate parent intake interviews! We will be covering how to build strong rapport with caregivers, gather vital client information, and transform insights into effective caregiver training goals.

Understanding Stimming: An Occupational Therapist’s Insight | FREE ABA CEU

  • On this week’s episode of Blossoming Together, Kirsten and Yousra are joined by lead occupational therapist at Blossom-Novi: Amy. We will dive deep into the world of stimming, its significance, and why it should be embraced, not suppressed.

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