Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy Services in Michigan

ABA therapy is a scientifically proven and effective way to help children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental conditions. It is based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real-life situations and events.

Blossom Children’s Center provides ABA therapy services in Michigan. This therapy helps families with children who have autism and similar difficulties. It guides them through the challenges they face. Our Michigan ABA providers can help your child with autism to better navigate daily challenges they may face, whether that be language barriers or difficulties in social situations.

Why Consider ABA Therapy at Blossom Children’s Center

The goal of ABA is multi-faceted. It aims to improve language and communication, motor and social skills, and increase academic independence. At the same time, it seeks to decrease inappropriate behaviors that interfere with your child’s ability to successfully learn or engage in social interactions.

The Blossom team is a top provider of ABA services in Michigan. Each child will work with an assigned team member who is at least one of the following:

All team members are supervised and supported by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), who oversee your child’s success by developing appropriate goals to assist your child in gaining, maintaining, and generalizing skills learned at Blossom.

ABA Therapy Methods

At Blossom, we understand the importance of early and intensive interventions to support your child’s growth and development. We strive to ensure your child advances in all areas. We take pride in providing the best ABA therapy in Michigan with these specific methodologies.

  • Our ABA program in Michigan uses principles from evidence-based interventions such as: NET, ESDM, PRT, and PEERS. We provide these therapies in play-based, child-led sessions.
  • BCBAs integrate methods from several evidence-based interventions. They consider your child’s unique needs and learning styles when creating an individualized ABA therapy program.
  • Our BCBAs consult with parents, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Art Therapists. This provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to Applied Behavior Analysis. This helps to promote generalization of skills in different environments and supports all areas of a child’s development.

ABA Programs in Michigan

Blossom offers an early-intervention program, serving children up to age 8. To ensure consistency and continuity of care, children must begin ABA therapy with Blossom by or before the age of 7. The goal of the Blossom program is to provide a fun-filled day of learning to assist your child in gaining the skills needed to transition to daycare, school, or their next steps in life.

Your Child’s Day at Blossom

On your child’s first day, they will be assigned to a classroom group of similarly aged peers with similar skill sets so that they can learn and play together. During a typical day at Blossom, your child will attend circle time with same age peers. They may also join in group art activities, regulate in our sensory rooms, play in the gym, and learn in the library.

We support a naturalistic, play-based approach which incorporates your child’s unique interests throughout their day. They will read books, join in spontaneous peer activities, and explore the center with their technician and peers.

Your child also be able to develop important skills in the community rooms. Here, they can pretend to be doctors, dentists, hair stylists while also learning what happens in each of these spaces, from the safety of Blossom. The goal is to help your child navigate their actual doctor, dentist, or other community spaces comfortably during visits.

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