OT – Occupational Therapy in Michigan

With occupational therapy services in Detroit, MI, at Blossom, Occupational Therapy works to improve functional movement, play, learning skills, behavior, and sensory processing skills that children require in order to fully participate in everyday tasks across all environments. 

Our pediatric occupational therapists, certified by the Michigan board of occupational therapists, have treatment plans that will help your child with the activities of daily living and help them to succeed. 

Occupational therapy program sessions may include a wide variety of treatment interventions. At times we may look like we are playing, but our skilled training allows us to work with your child in a natural and developmental way (play-based) to improve on those functional skills of greatest needs identified through therapy goals. We may be using the following as a part of our treatment session:  

  • Therapy swings (vestibular and proprioception sensory systems) 
  • Therapy balls (postural stability, balance, coordination) 
  • Eye-hand coordination games 
  • Writing  in various positions to promote strength 
  • Tactile play – various textures to increase sensory systems 
  • Circles of interaction – engaging child in 2-way play 
  • Obstacle courses to improve motor planning – sequencing

Blossom occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants will work together with you and your child to identify the areas that are of greatest need. Below is a list of those everyday tasks that children need in order to be successful in their occupations as children: 

  • Concentration – to help behave appropriately in different situations 
  • Learning – not just in school, but with motor skills, social emotional interaction, play and self-care 
  • Moving with Control – with large muscles (gross motor) and/or small muscles (fine motor) 
  • Developing Independence with Self-Care – dressing, grooming, toileting, etc. 
  • Regulation – working through all the sensory systems to help children organize the sensory input in order to complete functional tasks such as playing a game, packing their backpack, sequencing events, or expressing difficulties with tasks in an appropriate manner 
  • Play – both independently and with peers 

Our greatest gift to you and your child is working together to identify the areas that are of greatest need. Then implement a program that supports your child and you in improving behavior/regulation, implementing skill development, and developing strategies to aid across all environments (generalization) that you and your child encounter.

Two Offices to Serve You Better

Conveniently located, our occupational therapists in Detroit, MI have two offices: Our occupational therapy in Novi, MI and our occupational therapy in Brighton, MI.


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