We often use everyday skills without even thinking about them. Tasks such as brushing our teeth and getting dressed can be done on autopilot. But these skills don’t always come as easily for children with autism. 

Occupational therapy is a type of treatment that helps children succeed in daily activities. It’s effective for developing a wide range of abilities applicable to any environment. Here is how we use occupational therapy for autism at Blossom!

Learning Diverse Skills

Let’s think about all the different environments your child encounters on a typical day. There’s your home, where they start the day getting ready for school. At school, they have to sit and focus in a classroom as well as socialize with others. A family meal at the dinner table comes later, and eventually, they get ready for bed.

Each of these moments is distinctly different. For example, the classroom requires concentration, and they need hand-eye coordination to eat on their own. Occupational therapy helps children develop a multitude of skills, including motor, social, learning, and sensory processing, so they can enjoy a great day from morning until bedtime.

Meeting Their Needs

One of the reasons our occupational therapy for autism is so successful is that we meet your child at their current level of progress. Every child starts with different capabilities, and we make sure they receive personalized treatment that meets their needs.

Occupational therapy begins with our trained professionals getting to know your child on an individual level and evaluating what skills they need to develop most. From there, they create development programs to set them up for success. Whether it’s packing their backpack or expressing themselves, we help them conquer the areas they struggle in.

Play-Based Learning

Are you worried therapy might bore your child? If you’re imagining someone with a clipboard asking questions while your child sits on a couch, we’re happy to say that we have a much more engaging approach. The core of our philosophy is play-based learning. 

The simple truth is that children learn more when they’re having fun. We routinely use toys, games, and activities they enjoy keeping them interested while learning new skills.

For example, we use our obstacle course to improve motor skills and sequence planning. Is your child prone to injury while playing? Our therapists can simplify every segment of a movement into easy-to-understand steps so they can safely have fun with others.

When a child loses interest, they stop learning. That’s why our play-based programs give them something to look forward to every session.

Giving Your Child The Tools To Succeed

Blossom Children’s Center has created a warm, welcoming environment providing occupational therapy for autism. We develop customized strategies to help your child blossom into society. Contact us today to learn more about our breakthrough services!

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