How Movement Happens

Most likely, you are familiar with the term “motor skills.” However, for many people, their knowledge of how movement works ends there. In fact, movement is a bit more complicated than simply motor skills and muscles. With that said, here is a guide to understanding motor planning, control, and coordination.

Motor Planning

Motor planning is the ability to plan and organize the body’s movements in a particular order. For example, brushing your teeth requires planning a number of steps. First, getting the toothbrush. Then, applying the toothpaste. Finally, brushing and rinsing. Another example would be putting on socks, getting shoes on the right feet, and finally tying the strings. These everyday tasks require motor planning for each step of the process. 

Issues With Motor Planning

When troubles with motor planning are present, this is known as “dyspraxia.” The issue is not with the muscles themselves or strength, but with coordination and planning those actions in order. This can lead to self-image and self-esteem issues as well as communication problems. However, therapy is effective in assisting these issues.


Motor planning is the first part of the equation. Next, “motor control” refers to the ability to actually carry out and complete those steps. Control falls under two categories. These are “fine” and “gross” motor control. “Fine” skills refer to precise movements such as handling pencils and buttons. “Gross” skills are broader, such as running and jumping. 


Finally, “coordination” is what ties these all together. Coordination refers to the ability to operate multiple parts of the body in tandem. Common examples such as playing basketball and riding a bike require coordination. 

The Best For Your Child

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