Blossom Children’s Center Wayne County

Who We Are?

Blossom Children’s Center is a family-focused center providing the highest quality behavioral therapy for families in Wayne County and surrounding areas. We believe in a collaborative environment to offer optimal development for children with autism and other challenges.

Support and ABA Services for Wayne County

Blossom Children’s Center strives to offer individualized support for our families and the community throughout Wayne County. While specializing in the early intervention of children with autism spectrum disorder and special needs up to age eight, our center offers intensive programs and services necessary to help your child thrive. Providing a multidisciplinary team approach meets the needs of our families and community under one roof by:

  • Working closely as a team with your family and multiple therapists
  • Implementing Applied Behavior Analysis, (ABA) to offer a comprehensive approach to each child’s individual needs across all areas
  • Utilizing positive reinforcement to achieve and strengthen new skills or behaviors
  • Introducing a combination of developmental and behavioral techniques
  • Helping your child succeed in their natural environments through real-world experiences
  • Providing ongoing support, training, and resources

Programs and Services for Families and Communities Throughout Wayne County

Blossom Children’s Center is in Novi and provides ABA Therapy to Wayne County and surrounding areas. Through ABA therapy, our highly skilled team works with your child to better understand how behavior affects their real-life situations throughout all their natural environments. By implementing ABA therapy throughout our programs and services, our goal is to improve their:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Cognition
  • Independence
  • Attention
  • Academic skills

Additional programs and services offered at our center include:

Early Intervention Programs

  • SEEDS: for infants up to age twenty-four months old with an emphasis on child-led, play-based interventions and methods
  • BUDS: an intensive intervention program specifically designed for fast-paced toddlers up to forty-eight months.

Pre-School Program

  • BLOOMS: a group intervention program focusing on building relationships with peers and learning group skills necessary for classroom readiness

After-school peer groups and services are available for children ages six to twelve years old.

Our center is proud to offer support services that focus on helping families manage challenges and find solutions, comfort, and education. We believe a whole-family system approach is essential in your child’s success. We strive to meet the emotional and mental needs of the family unit by providing comprehensive support services to incorporate as part of the multidisciplinary team.

We invite you to visit our Novi center for the support, education, and resources your child needs to thrive with ABA Therapy. Find out more and schedule your consultation today.

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