Macomb County

The Mission of Blossom Children’s Center

Here at Blossom Children’s Center, we offer an enriching, family-focused center, providing the highest quality of behavioral therapy for families within Macomb County. We believe in a collaborative environment, offering optimal development for children with autism and other challenges through individualized therapy, quality training, and comprehensive support for families and the community.

Support for Macomb County

Blossom Children’s Center strives to offer individualized support for our families and the community throughout Macomb County. Our center specializes in the early intervention of children with autism and special needs from infancy through age eight. We provide all-encompassing, intensive programs and services, critical to helping your child thrive. Through a multidisciplinary team approach, our ABA therapy services meet the needs of our families and community by:

  • Working closely with your child, family, and multiple therapists
  • Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis, (ABA), as a comprehensive approach to meet individual needs across all areas
  • Consistent positive reinforcement to replace and introduce new skills or behaviors
  • Helping your child thrive across their natural environments through real-world experiences

Programs and Services

Blossom Children’s Center in Macomb County provides ABA Therapy throughout our programs and services. Our goal is to strengthen areas, including:

  • Language and communication
  • Motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Cognition
  • Independence
  • Attention
  • Academic skills

Additional programs and services at our center include:

The Blossom Method

We believe in a whole-family system approach, vital to your child’s success. We also strive to meet your family unit’s mental and emotional needs by providing comprehensive support services as part of the multidisciplinary team approach.

Through the combination of evidence-based approaches, we optimize the potential, progress, and success of every child. Our team of highly trained therapists utilizes:

  • Direction Instruction (DI) – a proven, teacher-directed approach. The DI curriculum and teaching methods offer practical strategies for use with young children with autism. Areas of focus include language, social interaction, attention, and the development of early academic skills.
  • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) – a successful form of behavioral therapy for young children with autism, incorporating play, natural routines, and individualized activities. ESDM focusses on strengthening cognitive and communication skills and building relationships.
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT) targets “pivotal” developmental areas of your child, including:

These critical areas strengthen communication, behavior, and social interaction.

If you reside within Macomb County, we invite you to visit and discover why we are the premier center for ABA therapy services, support, education, and resources. Find out how you can schedule your consultation today.

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