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Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or teacher of an autistic children, it’s important to have helpful resources at your disposal that encourage social and behavioral development. YouTube is a great place to start; there’s an abundance of autism videos for kids that are fun and visually appealing while also being educational and effective.

Are you looking for entertaining informational videos that keep your kids’ attention when you’re waiting in line for school drop-off? Searching for a few videos to download before air travel? Below, we’ve created a collection of some of our favorite entertainment and educational videos for autistic kids that you can weave into your weekly agenda.

Social Skills Videos for autistic kids

Behaviors and social cues can be difficult for autistic children (and their parents or caregivers) to understand. Having the right resources available can help your child make leaps in their social development and enable you to be supportive and encourage coping mechanisms. Here are a few of our favorite social skills videos for autistic kids that can be beneficial for both you and your child.

1. Social Skills for Autistic Children: Being Angry and Safe

Anger can be one of the toughest emotions to navigate, and autistic children may have an even more difficult time understanding it. In this video, our own Behavior Technician and Practicum Student, Devon Hall talks through different ways to help autistic children understand anger and the behaviors that follow. It’s also a great resource for parents, guardians, or teachers; you can use this as a support tool for helping your child get through those moments that seem never-ending.
“We all need different things to feel better,” said Devon. “Some kiddos needed to be talked through their feelings with, other kiddos don’t want you to talk at all. Some kids will use a visual, and that helps a ton, and other kiddos just need space. Whatever it takes, we want to get ready to play again.”

2. Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior

Is “no” a word that’s constantly used around your autistic children? This video on reinforcing alternative behavior is designed with parents and caregivers in mind but may be considered a helpful resource for older autistic children down the road.

In this video, we introduce different examples of ways to turn the word “no” into “yes” and lead your child to more appropriate behaviors.
“[Differential reinforcement] is another way to say and teach your child how to engage in desirable and appropriate behaviors instead of constantly telling them no,” shared Jenny Menko.

Educational Videos for Autistic Kids

Educational videos for autistic kids are designed to introduce new vocabulary and learn appropriate behaviors all while entertaining them and keeping their attention.

Whether you’re looking for airplane videos for autistic kids with simple clips that can entertain them during a plane ride, or you’re in need of educational videos, here are some of our favorites.

3. House Vocabulary – Learning the Parts of the Home for kids

This educational video for autistic kids is a great resource for foundational knowledge. It goes through the different rooms and objects within a traditional house, encouraging autistic children to understand how to properly identify where they’re going and what they need to do. Understanding baseline household objects like the toilet, bed, couch, or refrigerator can aid your child to better communicate what they need.

4. 7-Minute Emotion Regulating Activity to Help Kids Calm Down! [with mindful breathing techniques]

Are you searching for a video that can help teach your autistic children emotional regulation and how to calm down? This mindfulness resource can teach your child a few different coping mechanisms for shaking away bad feelings and calming down to a relaxed, meditative state. This can be a useful video to keep in your back pocket if you find your autistic children having a difficult time working through hardship.

5. Amazing Things Happen

If you’re looking for a video for younger autistic children to educate them on their differences, this one by the National Autistic Society is visually appealing, fun, and informative. Generally used as an introduction for non-autistic audiences, this can also be useful for children who are spending time getting to understand the way their brain works.

Continued Support and Education with ABA Therapy

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If you’ve noticed progress in your autistic children but need assistance in social skills growth and behavioral development, you may consider Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy with Blossom Children’s Center. We provide ABA therapy services in Michigan for families, caregivers, and educational professionals navigating autism spectrum disorder and helping their autistic children work through different behaviors.

We use a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach to ABA that uses real-life situations and events to help autistic children understand their behaviors and social awareness based on the environment.

ABA sessions are designed to help your autistic children improve language and communication, enhance motor and social skills, build independence and academic skills, and decrease social behaviors. With our tools and resources, we can help you feel comfortable and confident navigating autism with your child.

For more general information on the program or to meet with one of our Michigan ABA providers, contact us directly today for a consultation.

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