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Fluency Building

Children with autism may often show longer motor responses, speech, and other motions when performing tasks. When it comes to teaching a child with autism a task, it’s important not just to give them the knowledge and simply move on. Instead, fluency must be taught. This refers to the ability to easily perform a task, where it becomes second nature and more automatic. With that said, here is a quick guide to fluency building.

Activities Requiring Fluency Building

Fluency building can be applied to any activity where it is required. Some of the more common examples would include brushing their teeth, bathing, and using utensils. Each of these examples require multiple steps. Brushing their teeth includes turning on the water, applying the toothpaste, brushing, and rinsing. 

How It Works

The difficulty in these tasks often comes with the multiple steps they include. When a child is unable to break them down into smaller, easier pieces, they struggle to perform an activity. ABA therapy uses fluency building, also sometimes called precision teaching, to break these down into one step at a time. 

A child that is struggling to correctly brush their teeth may need help going through the process step by step. A therapist using fluency building will guide the child through each step, helping make them automatic as they progress. With frequency and precision, each activity becomes easier. It is important to note that one of the keys to fluency building is allowing the child to learn in the proper environment at their own pace. Essentially, fluency can’t be forced. 


There are many benefits for fluency building. First, it is very beneficial for helping with motor skills, like in the tooth brushing example. However, fluency building can also apply to social areas. If a child struggles with conversing and socializing, fluency building can help them respond and socialize to a much easier degree. Speech impediments are one of the most common issues that fluency building can assist with.

The Future of ABA Therapy

Consistency is key with ABA Therapy. That’s why we’ve created an environment where our staff loves working so they stick around and eliminate the ever-changing variables of other practices. It benefits your children, your family and we can all blossom together! Ready to help your child blossom? Contact us today to get started!

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