Expressing Feelings Through Art Therapy

Art Therapy

If your child has difficulty with communication and expressing their feelings, art therapy can offer support in these areas. Art therapy is one of the many services we offer at Blossom Children’s Center. This time-tested, scientifically verified practice is often one of our most beloved activities for children at Blossom. With that said, here are five ways art therapy helps express feelings.

Abstract Thinking & Imagination

First, one area art therapy is highly effective for is progressing abstract or symbolic thought, as well as imagination. When a child has a safe, healthy environment to explore their creative side, they learn to expand their imagination and handle abstract thoughts. Ultimately, this helps your child express themselves through art by dealing with abstract concepts such as feelings and emotions.

Boosting Confidence

Does your child tend to have low confidence or sense of self? Art can be a great way to assist in these areas. Allowing a child to create something of their own volition that they can be excited and proud of is a healthy way to boost self-esteem.

Lower Stress & Anxiety

Art therapy is a calming, enjoyable activity for children. When they partake, it helps reduce stress in a healthy environment. When your child is less anxious, they are more easily able to express their feelings.

Sensory Regulation

Each type of art offers unique sensory experiences. For example, crayons, glue, paint, or clay will have different levels of enjoyment from child to child. Art therapy assists with sensory regulation, meeting children where they are at, and helping them find a method they enjoy. Essentially, this helps them integrate new sensory experiences into their day. By improving sensory regulation through art, your child will have an easier time expressing themselves.

Improve Social Skills

Art therapy is often a social activity. When your child gets to explore their creativity with other children, it can help them develop their social skills. Ultimately, this is another major reason why art is so beneficial for expressing feelings.

Innovative, Compassionate & Effective

Our staff loves working here so your kids will love it even more! We’ve invested in an environment of compassion and warmth to help your child grow without distractions or unwanted changes. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

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