Fall Activities

Now that fall is here, it’s time to dive into some fun fall activities. The changing of the seasons also brings with it new sensory experiences to be had. Keeping these sensory experiences in mind, as well as potential changes to a routine will be important. With that said, here are five fall activities for children with autism. 

Fall-Themed Sensory Box

Need to find a use for all the leaves falling off your trees? Add them to a fall-themed sensory box for a fun fall activity. You can also include items such as pumpkin seeds, acorns, and gourds for some engaging sensory box experiences.

Take A Trip To A Pumpkin Patch

Sure, you could visit the grocery store to pick out pumpkins, but it’s not the same as going to an actual pumpkin patch. Plus, the crowds and chaos in a busy grocery store can be overwhelming. Visiting a pumpkin patch or a roadside local stand provides a much more pleasant, easy-going experience.

Visit An Apple Orchard

Apple picking is a fun way to enjoy the fall weather. Even more, it can be an educational experience to learn about how apples grow and how they’re farmed. Finally, it makes for a good snack afterward!

Visit A Park

The changes in fall are especially beautiful. Taking a hike through a park or nature trail brings with it sights, sounds, smells, to make for a memorable and fun sensory experience. 


These can be an enjoyable way to spend time outside and take in the autumn sights. However, crowded hayrides can be an issue. Calling ahead to figure out what times are a bit slower can help you plan ahead if you think it may be a concern. 

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