Sensory Bins

At Blossom Children’s Center, we love to incorporate sensory bins into our programs. In a nutshell, a sensory bin is a plastic container filled with items that are used to excite and engage a child’s senses. Typically, these include items such as toys, kinetic sand, shredded paper, dried foods such as rice or beans, buttons, shredded paper, and more. Essentially, anything that is fun and safe to explore with the senses can go into a sensory bin. With that said, here are six developmental benefits of sensory bins.

Stimulates Multiple Senses

First and foremost, sensory bins are a great way to allow children to explore multiple senses at the same time in a fun way. This includes touch, smell, sight, and even sound. Learning to engage with and stimulate several senses at once in a healthy way is incredibly beneficial.

Improves Motor Skills

Second, sensory bins can boost your child’s motor skills. Additionally, adding toy tools such as shovels, spoons, and tweezers can help develop coordination as well. Actions like scooping, digging, and pouring toys and materials will all help improve motor skills.

Boosts Social Skills

Moreover, sensory bins do not have to be individual activities. In fact, these are wonderful group activities. This helps your child socialize and learn communication, cooperation, and teamwork skills.

Raises Cognitive Skills

Oftentimes, children will learn to sort the items in their sensory bin. They may sort them by color, shape, or size. Additionally, these can help with numbers and letters as they play with and learn about the items in their bin.

Language Development

Another one of the six developmental benefits of sensory bins would be language development. Talking about the items in their bin as they play with them is a great way to boost language skills as well. The toys and items present a perfect opportunity to work on communication, expand their vocabulary, and learn to express themselves.

Calming And Fun

Finally, sensory bins are not only fun but calming activities. These can be a quiet, relaxing time for children individually or in groups to help them wind down while also having fun.

Your Kids & Our Staff Love It Here

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