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Here at Blossom Children’s Center, we know firsthand how quickly medical expenses can add up on the heels of an autism diagnosis. But did you know that there are many grants available to children with autism? That’s right! And not only can these grant programs ease the financial stress of paying for medical supplies and equipment, but often, they’ll help pay for essential therapies like ABA therapy, counseling, and much more!

Today, we want to help you understand the grant process a little more and educate you about a few of our favorite resources! But let’s take a look at what a grant looks like for a child with autism first.

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What is a Grant for Children with Autism?

At their foundation, grants provide access to the many beneficial (and often expensive) therapies, medications, medical care, and educational investments needed in the life of a child with autism. These organizations exist to make sure that money is not a reason that a child is not getting the care they need. But the number of grants and organizations that offer them can be daunting, and frankly, confusing. That’s why we’re here! We’re spotlighting six different grant opportunities (nation-wide and Michigan-specific) below to highlight the life-changing assistance that you and your child could benefit from!

Grants for Children with Autism

You’re already doing so much, so searching for grant programs can often be a daunting task to add to your to-do list. Today, we’ve set out to help you wade through the resources available to you and your family so your child with autism can get the support they need, whether that’s ABA therapy, educational resources or the chance to attend summer camp! Let’s take a look at six of these grant programs now!

  1. CARE Foundation family funds
  2. Autism Care Today
  3. Small steps in speech grant
  4. National Autism Association’s Give a Voice program
  5. Autism Escapes
  6. Jack’s Dollars scholarship program


1. CARE Foundation Family Funds

The CARE Grant Program helps families affected by an autism or ASD diagnosis with the costs associated with medication, diagnosis/evaluation, therapy sessions (including OT, ABA therapy, and speech therapy) as well as summer camps.

2. Autism Care Today

Since 2005, Autism Care Today has been able to distribute more than $1.85 million in grants to families affected by autism. With that support, individuals and families can access services they might not otherwise be able to afford, like ABA therapy, assistive technologies, special needs summer camps, therapy dogs, etc.

3. Small Steps in Speech Grant

The Small Steps in Speech grants go to individuals ages 3-22 for speech-related assistance resources. This includes future speech therapies, workshops, materials (like learning software). However, it should be noted that this specific grant does not cover the cost of iPads or ABA therapy.

4. National Autism Association’s Give A Voice Program

The National Autism Association’s Give A Voice program sets out to give a voice to non-verbal or minimally verbal children with autism. Applicants that likely cannot purchase a communication device (iPad) for themselves are chosen based on need and awarded an iPad, protective case, protection plan, and a communication software app. This allows a non-verbal child to communicate with others, often for the first time!

5. Autism Escapes

Autism Escapes is an organization that provides private air travel for families of children with autism—knowing that often individuals with autism also have other medical conditions that require frequent visits to a specialist. Therefore, these private flights allow families to get the medical help they need while removing the stress of commercial air travel.

6. Jack’s Dollars Scholarship Program

This Michigan-based scholarship program provides much-needed financial assistance for individuals on the autism spectrum to participate in local community programs, including arts and crafts, dance, hobbies, music, recreation, and sports. The best part? Unlike a lot of grant programs, there are no age restrictions to qualify for this scholarship!

Here at Blossom Children’s Center, we know it can be confusing and stressful to search for grants and scholarships to help fund the much-needed therapies and assistance an autism diagnosis often requires. But, we’re here to help! Contact us today for more information on other grant resources or to schedule a consultation with our team of licensed specialists.

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