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We believe that providing your child with plenty of interactive and multisensory opportunities as they begin to grow and develop their personalities is essential for their brains and emotions! What better way to provide these experiences than the amazing Michigan museums we’re fortunate to have within miles of Novi?

Here at Blossom Children’s Center in Novi, Michigan, we know that not all the necessary work for a child with autism gets done solely at the clinic. We firmly believe that partnering together with us and planning play dates and family-friendly field trips to our local Michigan museums can help a child tremendously with the social skills they need before they head to school.

So, whether you are in Novi like us or reside in a suburb of the Detroit Metro area, we’ve researched four of our favorite Michigan museums near you. Plus, we’ve provided you with some essential information about each one so you can choose the right one for your family—whether that choice is based on distance from Novi or family preference, you’ve got plenty of options!

Detroit, Michigan Skyline

Four Must-See Michigan Museums for the Whole Family:

  1. Cranbrook Institute of Science
  2. Detroit Historical Museum
  3. Michigan Science Center
  4. Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum


1. Cranbrook Institute of Science

Where It Is:

39221 Woodward Avenue; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303

Why We Love It:

The Cranbrook Institute of Science is one of our favorite Michigan museums for many reasons, one of which is the amount of family-friendly activities and exhibits it offers, perfect for kids of all ages.

Two of our favorite parts of the Cranbrook Institute of Science are:

    The exploreLab

    Not only is this one of the newest exhibits, but exploreLab also sets itself apart from the rest of this museum because of the hands-on approach guests of all ages can take throughout the exhibition. Exciting activities include the Deborah Cooper Dino Dig, where kids of all ages can dig through model fossil beds for dinosaur bones and the Paleo Portal, where a lab allows visitors who prefer a more in-depth look at fossils to pretend they’re a paleontologist for the day.

    Acheson Planetarium

    If you’ve got a stargazer in your home, the Acheson Planetarium will top their list of favorite Michigan museums! This unique exhibit features a daily schedule filled with different astrological programs that any fan of the sun, stars, and planets is sure to find exciting. They even have a Sesame Street-themed program starring Big Bird and Elmo. Additional tickets are required to enjoy these programs, but we think the experience is worth it!

2. Detroit Historical Museum

Where It Is:

5401 Woodward Avenue; Detroit, Michigan 48202

Why We Love It:

One of the biggest reasons we love the Detroit Historical Museum is because of how it celebrates the rich musical history of Detroit. From greats like Aretha Franklin and Bob Seger to Alice Cooper and Kid Rock, the exhibits within one of the most famous Michigan museums are sure to delight any music lover in your family! From a touch screen trivia game to a mixing station where guests can craft their musical track, there’s a little something for everyone in the Kid Rock Music Lab.

Another crowd-pleaser? The Glancy Train exhibit! Did you know that the owner of these model trains, Alfred R. Glancy Jr., was also the former owner of the Empire State Building in New York City? After his death in 1973, the Glancy family donated an extraordinary model train collection that is still on display to this day. Children of all ages are encouraged to take a spin as a train engineer by pressing the various interactive buttons along the exhibit.

3. Michigan Science Center

Where It Is:

520 John R. Street, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Why We Love It:

Another one of our favorite Michigan museums, the Michigan Science Center, is only about 25 minutes from Novi, and well worth the trip!

So, why do we think you and your kids will love the Michigan Science Center so much? Let’s take a look at a few of the family-friendly activities we love!

  • STEM Playground
  • Encourage your kids to tinker, build, play, and imagine at the STEM Playground inside the Michigan Science Center. From testing out paper airplanes, building with blocks, or interacting with the new marble wall, your children will be able to freely exercise their STEM skills alongside MiCi STEM staff and their peers. Not only a great activity for their brain development, but also for increasing their social skills.

  • Kids Town
  • One of the best parts of this Michigan museum is Kids Town. Specially designed with children ages 2-5 in mind, this dedicated area is a scaled-down town where kids are encouraged to develop valuable social and motor skills, like the ones we work on in ABA Therapy at our clinic in Novi!

4. Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Where It Is:

220 East Ann Street; Ann Arbor, Michigan

Why We Love It:

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is another excellent Michigan museum that’s only about 30 minutes away from our clinic in Novi. With more than 250 hands-on exhibits starring science, math, technology, engineering, and art, the Hands-On Museum truly lives up to its name. It is the perfect place to take your child to encourage creativity and allow them to get their wiggles out in a fun, educational environment.

One of our favorite parts about the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum or AAHOM is that it provides Sensory Friendly kits for guests with autism or other special needs. Each kit includes fidgets, headphones, and sunglasses so everyone can enjoy this Michigan museum equally. Kits can be checked out and returned at the front desk.

Another inclusive program we love, especially for children with autism? A program called My Turn. If a busy museum crowd doesn’t seem like something your child will enjoy, you can come to the next My Turn event at AAHOM, for children with autism and other sensory processing disorders. Not only are there fewer crowds and noise during these events, but there is also a designated quiet room outfitted with weighted lap pads, and tactile toys should the museum experience become overwhelming.

Proudly Serving Novi and the Entire Detroit Metro

We believe that hands-on play is essential to a child’s growth, especially if they are taking part in ABA therapy. If you spend time in our clinic in Novi, we encourage you to check these Michigan museums out—we think you’ll find your child’s new favorite place to play!

If you’re in the Novi area and want to stop by to check out the facility and team at Blossom Children’s Center, we encourage you to check out our website and contact us! We’d love to partner with you and your child to help develop and grow their social skills through the specialized services we offer.

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