Family at Valentine's Day

At Blossom Children’s Center, we are a unique multidisciplinary ABA clinic that places family at the center of a child’s therapy and well-being. Whether there is an ASD diagnosis in your family or not, strong family bonds play a critical role in a child’s development. There are many opportunities to build closer connections as a family every day, and holidays like Valentine’s Day can make them even more special. Lucky for you, Novi, MI is a great town with lots to do.


The Best Places for a Family Outing in Novi

Considering that Valentine’s Day is in February, it’s not very likely that you will be able to visit a park for a picnic to reunite with nature. However, this year we’ve had such a mild winter, decent weather is actually a possibility! If February 14th rolls around and that’s the case, seize the opportunity to check out Parmenter’s Cider Mill in Northville. Have some donuts and cider and let the kids climb on the play equipment. Be sure to check out the pond and see if any ducks are looking for a snack! If it’s a little too cold for the cider mill, give Emagine Theatres Novi a visit. Enjoy gourmet concession foods at this highly rated luxury theatre and watch that movie your child has been dying to see in 3D!

Create a Fun Valentine’s Craft as a Family

If a family day together at the house sounds more like it, take a note from your ABA clinic and play! Create these heart glitter jars using pink and red glitter, two types of heart confetti, light corn syrup, glitter glue, water, and a plastic jar. When you put it all together, you get a super cute craft that also doubles as a cool-down sensory toy. For something to sink your hands into a little more, try Valentine’s Day playdough! Use flour, salt, cream of tartar, glitter, oil, water, and red food coloring to make this taste-friendly sensory play dough. Cut out shapes, or just mash and smash with your hands.

Make Dinner and Dessert Together for Valentine’s Day

After your outing or day of crafts, gather up the ingredients to make a lovely homemade dinner together to enjoy as a family before turning in for the night. There’s nothing like creating a meal together to bring you closer as a family. If you feel like using your hands some more, try this homemade gnocchi. One adult and the kids can make the gnocchi while another adult works on some delicious cupcakes for dessert.  After you enjoy your delicious homemade meal and treat, make sure everyone helps to clean up the kitchen. There’s no better way to end your family day.

At Blossom Children’s Center, we think of ourselves as more than an ABA clinic. We strive to pull from multiple factors in a child’s world to effect positive changes and grow together. Life after an ASD diagnosis can have ups and downs. It’s important to take opportunities to grow together and to build stronger relationships as a family. After all, no one is more influential to a young child than their family.

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