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If you’re here in the Detroit metro area, you know the true meaning of cold weather. You also know how many days our children are sometimes stuck indoors due to the chilly temperatures. Whether you’re here in the wintery mix of Detroit or trying to stay warm in other parts of the country, we have something for every family to benefit from. So, how do you keep things fresh and engaging when the kids are forced to stay all day indoors? Our team at Novi’s Blossom Children’s Center has put together some of our favorite indoor activities.

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Bring the Outside Indoors

When they can’t be outside, what’s the next best thing? Bring the outdoors in! Be sure to set the ground rules first. Limit activities and behaviors that could cause accidents and designate off-limits areas in the home that aren’t play-friendly. If misbehavior is a concern, don’t forget to review rules, use positive reinforcements, and utilize additional strategies he may be working on during ABA therapy sessions.

Trampoline Fun

Is your child a fan of trampolines? Consider investing in a small indoor trampoline to help beat the winter blues. Your child will get exercise, burn energy, and have tons of fun! It’s also an excellent way for children with autism to meet many of their sensory needs.

Soothing Swings

There are also options for indoor swings that are a perfect way to stay productive indoors. Many of our families here in Novi have had great success using indoor swings in the winter to help meet the various needs of children of all ages. While we understand it may not be cost-effective for everyone, it’s a fantastic option for children in need of vestibular movement. It may just outweigh the initial cost concerns for you. If you’re tool savvy, you may even consider installing your own DIY swing in your home. Just be sure to put your child’s safety first if this is the route you choose.

Indoor Camping

Even if your child hasn’t been camping, you can turn this “trip” into a learning adventure. Pull out books or photos of camping trips. Share stories of your experiences or what you think camping may be like. If your child is already participating in ABA therapy, use strategies he’s been working on to help enhance this experience. Strengthen communication and efforts to work together and follow directions. Build a fort, grab some sleeping bags, and turn it into an afternoon of learning and exploration.

Device-Free Time

Devices and tv might be a regular activity in your home, so we love encouraging you to think outside the box. Stock up on a few board games that are developmentally appropriate for your child. Board games help promote communication, social interactions, and fine motor skills. They offer an excellent chance for you to work with your child on several skills he’s strengthening throughout his ABA therapy sessions, and it’s a wonderful way to bond.

Our team here at the Novi center is full of indoor ideas that will help you continue the work you’re doing to help your child thrive. Being stuck indoors shouldn’t be a gloomy situation! Make the best of the cold weather and reinvent indoors with your child. When you’re ready to venture out, we’d love for you to stop by our center. If you’re not in our area, visit us online to find weekly tips and resources for your entire family!

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